Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Robert Mitchum Rules

"I used to respect William Burroughs because he was the first white man ever busted for marijuana in my time. William was the man. He was the victim of an illegal police raid at his home at 509 Wagner Street in Old Algiers, a low-rent suburb across the river from New Orleans, where he was settling in for a while to do some shooting and smoke marijuana.

William didn't fuck around. He was serious about everything. When the deal went down William was There, with a gun. Whacko! BOOM. Stand Back. I am the Law. He was my hero a long time before I ever heard of him.

But he was Not the first white man to be busted for weed in my time. No. That was Robert Mitchum, the actor, who was arrested three months earlier in Malibu at the front door of his hideaway beach house for possession of marijuana and suspicion of molesting a teenage girl in 1948. I remember the photos: Mitchum wearing an undershirt & snarling with the sea rolling up and palm trees blowing."
-Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear

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  1. authors note: I did not take this picture - this will likely be the only time I post appropriated work... it's making me feel fishy.